Vendor Application

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Your Address City State Zip Code
Your Website Your Email Your Phone Number Your Fax Number

FWIWE requires it's vendors to maintain the following insurances:

  • A $1,000,000 General Liability Insurance Policy
  • Worker's Compensation Insurance or a Worker's Compensation Exemption
Do you possess the types of insurances FWIWE requires? Do you currently have General Liability Insurance? Do you pay workers compensation or are you exempt?
You may be asked to provide documentation
 Yes No  Yes No  Yes Exempt

Are you willing to complete a background check?
 Yes No

The different types of work orders FWIWE will require you to complete will include, but will not be limited to the following:

  • Lock Changes
  • Debris Removal
  • Grass Cuts
  • Winterizations
  • Maid Service
  • Roof Repairs
  • Roof Tarping
  • Board Ups
  • General Repairs
Do you possess at least one truck, one trailer, commercial mower, computer, digital camera or smart phone. And all the necessary tools to complete the work order types mentioned directly above this question? Please give an example of tools and equipment you own: Please provide picture of equipment
 Yes No
Do you have any experience with other Property Preservation or REO maintenance companies? Do you understand there will be different types of work orders not mentioned in this questionnaire that you will be expected to complete?
 Yes No  Yes No
Other than the tools mentioned in this questionnaire you will be required to
keep an inventory of materials that will include, but will not be limited to
the following:

  • Knob locks and deadbolts set to specified key codes
  • 3 Lettered lockboxes - 4 Numbered lockboxes
  • Padlocks set to specified key code
  • Roof tarps
Do you already have an inventory of all or some of the materials mentioned directly above?
 Yes No
Do you have knowledge of re-keying locks? What are the 2 common key codes you see in the field? Do you currently posses new kwik set locks? If yes, how many and what key codes?
 Yes No  Yes No
Do you currently posses lock boxes? If yes, how many and are they numbered or lettered?
 Yes No  Numbered Lettered Both
Please list the materials you already have: Are you willing to obtain any of the materials listed in this questionnaire that you do not have as well as all other materials you may need for future work orders assigned to your company by FWIWE? Are you willing to pay for services to transmit photos to our office if we feel your volume of work justifies (current monthly charge is 20.00USD) ?
 Yes No  Yes No
Are you currently registered as an LLC or Corp? If so what date did you register? Do you carry E&O (Error and omissions)?
 LLC Corp No  Yes No
What type of Vehicle will you be using? (Yr, make and model) What size trailer do you have? Is your trailer enclosed or open?
 Enclosed Open
Are you able to perform orders within 48-72 hours of receiving them?
 Yes No
How big is a cubic yard? How many grass recuts do you think you can perform in 1 day? (Assuming they are standard lots and within a 20 mile radius) How would you determine the square footage of a property's yard/lawn? (Please give description of how you would get the yard size and how you would compute the square footage) What type of lawn equipment do you use? (Model and size of mower, weed eater, edger)

Have you ever performed a winterization? If yes, please give a brief description of the process.

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