Servicing for Brokers/Realtors

Let Us Be your one stop solution for all your REO and Preservation Needs. Allowing you more time to focus on marketing and selling your properties.

We're certain you will be happy with our services. Your bids will be submitted promptly and in most cases within the same day. We can perform lock changes for you on the fly. Meet your team at specific times for cash for keys or evictions. Begin trash out and initial services immediately after bid approval and usually completed to high standards within 2 days. Technology to immediately receive photos from the field to our office and forwarded if needed, along with bids or invoices. Printer on the truck to print and post any notifications at property. Insure your properties are maintained with reoccurring services. Work to resolve any code violations in a timely manner. Our team of professional can handle any services you need in a professional and timely manner. Full liability and errors of emission insurance meeting the industry standards.


Giving you access to the property and keeping the unwanted out. Securing: Knob locks, Deadbolts, windows, patio doors, sheds, garage and swimming pools.

Property Preservation

Protecting your interest in the property. Occupancy inspection, Securing, property maintenance, roof tarping, hazard removal and repairs, debris removal, code violations.


Prompt removal on interior and exterior debris.


Where maintaining your properties curb appeal begins. From standard Grass cuts, Weeding, Hedging and edging to sod replacements, upgraded flower beds, mulch and rock, fertilization, tree pruning, bush hog services, etc.

Initial Maid Services

Ensuring that your property is in marketable condition and appealing to buyers.

Clean all baseboards, doors, light-switch and outlet covers, light fixtures (including ceiling fans/blades), and heat and air vents/ducts. Remove any dirty non-washable window covers.

Clean kitchens and bathrooms thoroughly, including all fixtures and surfaces (toilets, tubs, showers, mirrors, etc.), using a disinfectant cleaner to remove dirt, grime, mildew, and odor.

Clean all kitchen and bathroom counter tops, cabinets, and drawers to remove dirt, smudges, grime, and debris. Leave drawers and cabinets open until final inspection.

Broom sweep interior floors, wet mop vinyl floors, and vacuum carpeted floors and rugs to present neat appearance.

Clear cobwebs from ceilings, walls, light fixtures, fans, windows, doors, entryways, porches, and walkways.

Broom sweep porches, garages or carports, and entries leading into property to present a neat appearance.

Clean sinks and appliances (inside and out) throughout premises.

Clean toilets, toilet bowls, and surrounding areas thoroughly.

Place one (1) air freshener in every kitchen and one (1) in each bathroom

Pick up and properly dispose of ALL debris from interior, including miscellaneous trash on porches and in closets and cabinets.

Sweep out fireplaces and/or fireboxes to remove ashes or residue. Close damper.

Remove all broken glass from any broken windows and board those windows.

Code Violations

Contact code enforcement officer and provide services to resolve violation in a professionally and timely manner.

Pool Services

Drain, pressure clean, acid wash, clean filter, refill, and chemically balance. Insure pool pump and equipment is in operating condition.

Eviction Services

Meet at scheduled time with local authorities and remove personal property at their discretion to curb or storage or post notices. Perform securing of property. Perform follow up services.


Boarding broken windows, doors, garages Etc. to HUD specifications.

Cash for Keys

Meet at scheduled time with your team to aid in the process and securing of property.

Hazards and Safety

Hazard removal, handrails, pool covers, mold remediation, smoke and CO detectors, filing of holes, capping of electrical and plumbing.

Reoccurring services

Lawn maintenance, market refresh sales clean, pool maintenance.

Rehab Services

Painting, electrical, plumbing, carpentry, etc.: We have a team of professionals to meet any of your needs.


Winterize the plumbing at property to prevent freeze damage.